Apple Watch Demo

Our team was tasked with an interactive sign that would explain how to use, buy, and wear a product that was still in development. This sign would be localized in over thirty countries in all appropriate languages. My roles were design and art direction, presenting in reviews, collaborating with animators on timing and concepts, and working with developers and publishers on the build and back end for delivery.

In order to give a feeling that the digital sign was "alive" we designed custom animations to transition between each screen. For screens that could go between more than one other screen we made multiple animations.

We designed a section to show the breadth of the Apple Watch line that users could browse through, see the different case and color combinations, and gesturally interact with custom animations showing each watch band closure system.

The layout, photography, and color choices emphasized the variety possible with the first series of Apple Watch, encouraging users to explore the combinations that made sense for them based on style and price point.