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23 Jun, 2015  |  3:19PM

It’s always a little frightening for me to ask someone to do a portrait. I’m grateful that Linda wanted to shoot with me, it was great to chat with her about life and photography. She has such a different perspective on life, and it was amazing to get a glimpse into some of her experiences.



13 Apr, 2015  |  8:54AM

I had the opportunity to take a Brenizer portrait of Sterling while he was up in the bay area for work. Sterling is a good friend of mine from SLO, a talented designer, a witty conversationalist, as well as a sharp dressed man.



15 Jul, 2014  |  1:52PM

Twelve parts beard to one part mustache. Dash of sarcasm, garnish with Phillies pride. Pairs well with plaid and insane time management skills.

This is the most ambitious Brenizer type portrait I’ve ever done. 26 shots on a cloudy day with an awesome friend and coworker. Thank you Jason!



17 Dec, 2013  |  11:32AM

For as long as I can remember, Al has been a friend of our family. And for as long as I can remember, he’s had a mustache. I’d been wanting to both take Al’s portrait, and also shoot another Brenizer style portrait. A few months ago we shot twelve images in his studio, which then sat on my hard drive until a couple weeks ago when I started stitching them together. Here is the final result: