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Skyline Sketches

08 Mar, 2011  |  11:34AM

This is an awesome series of three ink and watercolor studies of city skylines, Copenhagen, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. The paintings are 6″x4″ and were inked and painted by Katie. I used a similar lighting setup to the pictures taken for Heavy Metal Letterpress. One speedlite pointed up on the left side, and another pointed across on the right, to pick up the texture. I love these, they combine a lot of things that I like, watercolor, strong ink lines, and cities. You can check out more of Katie’s work in her portfolio here.



My City by the Gray

02 Dec, 2010  |  9:07PM

I’ve noticed that on my blog I talk a lot about what I like. Well here’s some more. I like San Francisco. I like Payne’s Grey. In fact, one is my favorite big city (so far), and the other is my favorite watercolor (ever). Here are a couple of pictures with blues and grays, taken in SF.

P.S. I know I spelled “gray” two different ways, I generally spell it “gray,” but the color is specifically called “Payne’s Grey.” At least according to Wikipedia…