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Beer. Process Animated Beer.

30 May, 2013  |  7:37AM

In my last post about beer titled “Beer. Wonderful Beer.” I promised a process animation to show a little bit of how I make these things. I know it’s not super in depth, but it’s at least a peek at what goes into making an icon. And also proves that I’m not just posting pictures of beer. Perhaps I’ll get better at creating process things as I go along.

Framed iOS Icon

29 Apr, 2013  |  11:32AM

I think this is the first time I’ve ever put something in the portfolio section of my site before I blogged about it. I probably should have posted this a while ago, but I forgot. So here it is! It’s an iOS style icon, that features some wood texture from scratch, and a watercolor of San Francisco that Katie painted for me a while back!

Iron Man iOS App Style Icon

08 May, 2012  |  12:08AM

I just posted this on my dribbble and I’m really excited about it. I started out just making an icon in the style of an iOS app icon, and partway through decided to challenge myself to make it only using layer styles. I’ve seen a bunch of Iron Man icons, but never just his torso section, which I think is pretty visually interesting. So I present you with this icon, done completely using gradient fill and shape layers, gradient overlays, inner shadows, outer and inner glows, etc. Oh and if you want to actually download an icns file, you can do that here! Let me know what you think!

Plant Icon!

22 Mar, 2012  |  8:06AM

I’ve been working on a side project and I figured I’d share a little bit. This is a plant I made, from scratch. It’s all vectors and handmade textures. Katie says it reminds her of the plant from Wall-e, which makes me like it that much more!

plant icon