RIP Christopher Lee

12 Jun, 2015  |  4:29PM

Christopher Lee had such a wide variety of characters that he played over the years. He was one of my favorite voices in film, and he had such a presence on the screen. Of all of his characters, this is the one that I will remember him most for.



02 Jun, 2015  |  11:28AM

To celebrate the upcoming matchup between the Warriors and the Cavaliers, I made this illustration of Steph Curry. Done in a style that I associate with Hey Studio, this was a challenging one for me. It was difficult to condense him down to simplified shapes while still maintaining his identity.


Patrick Willis

05 May, 2015  |  9:56AM

I made this a little while back to honor Patrick Willis as he was retiring. I believe that athletes should be allowed to make the decision of retirement not just when they’re played out and not able to compete, but to have a higher quality of life for post-retirement. In his retirement announcement, Willis talked about not being able to give that “wow” to the fans, but also about having the ability to play with kids, play pickup basketball, or even walk without a limp. I love that he’s thinking about the future, and not just about how much money he could make, or how famous or noteworthy he can be.

Patrick Willis


13 Apr, 2015  |  8:54AM

I had the opportunity to take a Brenizer portrait of Sterling while he was up in the bay area for work. Sterling is a good friend of mine from SLO, a talented designer, a witty conversationalist, as well as a sharp dressed man.


McWay Falls

26 Feb, 2015  |  8:01PM

I wanted to share a picture that I took in Big Sur a few weeks ago. I wasn’t at all sure if this would turn out when I shot it. It’s using my 50mm lens that I sawed the mount off, and it’s a bracketed HDR photo, handheld. I thought there would be way too much shake, and that nothing would show up in focus, but there’s a few parts that are sharp, and for the most part it’s pretty soft and a little dreamy. I definitely won’t be shooting everything like this in the future, but it was fun to play with.


Marvin the Paranoid Android

30 Jan, 2015  |  4:49PM

My coworker Sebastian shared some Illustrator brushes with me, and I’ve been itching to try them out. Finally got a spare minute and did a quick Illustration of one of my favorite characters, the always doleful Marvin from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. Here’s a Friday reminder not to panic, and remember to always bring your towel with you.

Marvin the Paranoid Android


21 Jan, 2015  |  9:44AM

I finally started an Instagram last year. Here’s a sampling of things that catch my eye, combined with illustrations that I make. I stick mostly to iPhone photos, but there’s a few DSLR shots mixed into my feed. If you like random things, weird illustrations, stupid hashtags, and just keeping up with my life in general, feel free to follow me. If not, then you probably shouldn’t.