Miniature Donut Box

11 Feb, 2011  |  3:44PM

I’ve come to the realization that many decisions and problems that I face aren’t ones that your average person has to figure out. For instance, I was recently trying to decide in what manner to gift a single donut. I didn’t want to just give it in the little paper bag that single donuts come in, but I also didn’t want to have one donut floating around in a huge pink box. One has to give donuts in pink boxes, right?

So a plan entered my head; make a miniature donut box. Simple, right? I went to a local donut shop, asked the woman for a donut, and then, after she put it in the bag, I asked if I could have a box. She was confused as to why I wanted a box for a single donut, but I assured her that’s what I wanted. I purposefully asked her for the box after she had already put the donut in a bag, this kept my donut box pristine, and grease-free. Paid an extra quarter for the box, and I’m in business. After measuring the donut, I made the box .44 times the size of a regular box, which works out perfectly for cutting the box out. I bought another donut a few days later, to take pictures with, and then another donut for the actual gifting. I wrapped the donut in a couple pieces of overlapping parchment paper (per a suggestion from my friend Necia), tied it up with some cooking twine, and made a little tag to finish it off.

In case any of you reading this have a similar situation that you face, I’m including a pdf, so you can make your very own miniature donut box!

Special thanks to Necia for the parchment paper suggestion, to Ben for taking one for the team and consuming both the donut used for measuring, and the donut used for pictures, and to Katie for the inspiration for this project.




8 thoughts on “Miniature Donut Box

  1. Saralyn

    Remember that other Hasegawa gift box creations include boxes in the shape of the states of California and Nevada. We’re slowly scanning old photos, when we get to photos of the boxes we will send them your way.

      1. Steven Post author

        Hey Sykia,

        I ended up just going to a donut shop and asking for a box from them. They charged me 25 cents, but it was well worth it. 🙂 Good luck!


  2. Steven Post author

    Hi Catherine! I got it when I bought the first donut, she charged me a dollar instead of 75 cents for just the donut. Totally worth it, I have no idea where else you would get pink cardboard. Also the box folds work out nicely between a regular box and my template. 🙂

  3. Nicole

    Hi Steven,

    I was wondering if you still have the template for making these individual donut boxes? The link to the PDF you refer to doesn’t seem to be working. Thanks!


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