Monthly Archives: June 2015


23 Jun, 2015  |  3:19PM

It’s always a little frightening for me to ask someone to do a portrait. I’m grateful that Linda wanted to shoot with me, it was great to chat with her about life and photography. She has such a different perspective on life, and it was amazing to get a glimpse into some of her experiences.


RIP Christopher Lee

12 Jun, 2015  |  4:29PM

Christopher Lee had such a wide variety of characters that he played over the years. He was one of my favorite voices in film, and he had such a presence on the screen. Of all of his characters, this is the one that I will remember him most for.



02 Jun, 2015  |  11:28AM

To celebrate the upcoming matchup between the Warriors and the Cavaliers, I made this illustration of Steph Curry. Done in a style that I associate with Hey Studio, this was a challenging one for me. It was difficult to condense him down to simplified shapes while still maintaining his identity.