Monthly Archives: September 2014

Big Basin

30 Sep, 2014  |  10:14AM

Sometimes you need to be out of sight of a strip mall, and out of hearing of the crying baby that lives next door. Katie and I went to Big Basin Redwoods State Park. It’s only about an hour away from where we live, but neither one of us had ever been there. We just walked around a little bit, took a few pictures, marveled at a banana slug or two, and just generally enjoyed being outdoors in the fresh air. It was marvelous, and I want to go back!

bigbasin01 bigbasin02 bigbasin03 bigbasin04 bigbasin05 bigbasin06 bigbasin07

Kauai Illustration

21 Sep, 2014  |  10:29AM

I ran across the work of Mads Berg not that long ago, and really wanted to make a digital illustration inspired by, but not copying his work. I used a photo I took in Kauai a couple years ago. It’s fun to keep on switching up my style of illustration, learning new things, and trying not to be too repetitive.


A Foggy Morning

02 Sep, 2014  |  8:52AM

I had been driving past this house on my way to work for a while, and loved the color palette of the car and the house together. I remembered to bring my camera one morning, and it was perfectly foggy, just like this morning was here in the Bay Area. Here’s the shot that I got.

house and car