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Ryan & Kiki — Married!

29 Jul, 2014  |  9:29AM

I told you I was behind on getting pictures blogged! Ryan and Kiki got married in El Cajon in April and I got to capture the event. It was an awesome combination of love, marriage, tacos, home-brewed beer, games, dancing, and a whole lot of laughter and weirdness.Here’s a small sampling of all of that, in picture form, starting with a post-rehearsal dinner shot.



15 Jul, 2014  |  1:52PM

Twelve parts beard to one part mustache. Dash of sarcasm, garnish with Phillies pride. Pairs well with plaid and insane time management skills.

This is the most ambitious Brenizer type portrait I’ve ever done. 26 shots on a cloudy day with an awesome friend and coworker. Thank you Jason!