Monthly Archives: August 2013


29 Aug, 2013  |  6:25AM

A little while back I was working on some portfolio stuff that I still haven’t put on my site. I made a few devices so that I could show my work, because I hate how everyone just uses Apple products that they ripped off the site, and they don’t get the gloss look right, and I think it’s stupid. So I remade some devices to be a little more cartoon-like, and set up all the screens as smart objects so that I can switch content out easily.

I kept the Apple on the devices because they’re obviously Apple products, but this little project is neither licensed by or endorsed by Apple. I hope they achieve the balance of cute and cool that I was striving for. I only made them for specific projects, but perhaps at some point I’ll expand the lineup.


Baker Beach

22 Aug, 2013  |  6:23AM

Baker Beach, was cold, windy, and overcast. It was awesome. Katie and I went up to SF to hang out and visit with a few of our friends. The trip was spontaneous, and Baker Beach was spontaneous. I climbed over a bunch of rocks to get this shot, and Katie did the color correction. This shot is now up in our living room, and it makes me want to go to another cold, windy, and overcast beach. Hopefully soon, if/when life is a little less crazy.