Monthly Archives: July 2013


30 Jul, 2013  |  12:27PM

Another culinary collaboration! Katie and I have been hand-making sourdough bread. Katie made some sourdough starter from a recipe in the Better Homes and Gardens cookbook, and we’ve made a few batches of bread in the last couple months. It’s a pretty decent workout kneading dough, and there’s some patience involved during the rising, but it’s been a fun process, and it’s so good!


17 Jul, 2013  |  8:25AM

I was introduced to the idea of triggers as being something that made you recall something traumatic in your life, and usually in a way that makes you “over-react” to the thing that triggered the memory in the first place. For instance, not being invited to lunch at work triggers all those memories of not being invited to kindergarten birthday parties. Or something like that, maybe that’s a bad example. But I feel like I have positive triggers too. I yielded to a couple of pedestrians today, one of them was a kid, a boy about eight or nine years old. As he crossed the street, he made eye contact with me, and gave me a little hand wave.

Totally made my day!

I doubt he really thought twice about the gesture, but especially considering a lot of people don’t acknowledge holding doors open, or letting them into your lane, it had a big impact on me. There are so many little things that have a profound impact on me, and I try and find those little things that I can do for other people too. I don’t think I’ll ever know what those little things do or don’t do, but it’s worth a try.


02 Jul, 2013  |  7:26PM

Katie and I have been experimenting with making rolls. So far I think we’ve been very successful, they’ve been delicious, aesthetically pleasing, and held together well. Not to mention pretty fun to make. Here is a pic that Katie took of our finished product this evening. Tonight’s menu was California Rolls, and Spicy Tuna Rolls.