Monthly Archives: May 2013

Beer. Process Animated Beer.

30 May, 2013  |  7:37AM

In my last post about beer titled “Beer. Wonderful Beer.” I promised a process animation to show a little bit of how I make these things. I know it’s not super in depth, but it’s at least a peek at what goes into making an icon. And also proves that I’m not just posting pictures of beer. Perhaps I’ll get better at creating process things as I go along.

Space Needle + Free Lens

14 May, 2013  |  2:23PM

What better place to test out a broken lens than the pacific northwest? A couple weekends ago, Jake and I broke the lens mount off of an old 50mm Canon lens, and I took it up on a trip with Katie to Portland and Seattle. Here’s one shot as an example of what is possible with the “new” broken lens. I’ll post more as I find the time to go through all the pictures and retouch the good ones!