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The Settlers of Pantone

04 Mar, 2013  |  8:17PM

The Pantones of Catan? Anyway…

I’ve been trying to figure out a cool way of handling the Settlers of Catan¬†tiles and such, I’ve always felt like they were a little over-the-top. When you really strip away everything, it becomes just a color. And what better way to handle color, than as Pantone colors? At least for a graphic designer anyway. So here’s some Settlers of Catan courtesy of a Pantone aesthetic, complete with Helvetica Neue descriptions (important for those people that love games and are also color-blind). These are just a concept that I wanted to throw out there, we’ll see if I ever actually make these for play. Note that I don’t own any copyrights to anything Pantone or Settlers of Catan. At all.