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17 Jun, 2012  |  10:18PM

Father I will always be / That same boy that stood by the sea / And watched you tower over me / now I’m older I want to be the same as you

When I am a dad, dad / I’m gonna be a good dad / Did the best you could, dad / Always understood, dad / Tell me I was right, dad / Opened up my eyes, dad / proud to call you my dad / Thank you for my life dad

Yellowcard “Life of a Salesman”

One View of Mt. Fuji

08 Jun, 2012  |  11:34AM

I’ve had this idea rattling around in my brain for a couple of months. I finally found the time to get it out of my brain and into a PSD. I’m pleased with the result, the layering of textures was fun, and DMesh helped out with the delaunay triangle part. Woohoo!