Monthly Archives: April 2012 launch!

24 Apr, 2012  |  8:03AM

I just launched Katie’s portfolio site. It was a pretty awesome experience, I worked with Katie on the design and did all of the development (Except the Javascript gallery, which is a bit beyond my skill right now. That code is courtesy of the amazing Kyle Olson). I’m very pleased with the result, we were striving for a clean, refined look that wouldn’t distract from her work. Check it out here!!

Kathleen Gilfoy

Rainy Night, New Toy, Dog.

10 Apr, 2012  |  8:50PM

I’m taking a break from all the stuff that I really should be doing, and playing with a new toy. Unfortunately, my roommate’s dog doesn’t like standing in front of good backgrounds, or looking at my camera for that matter. Had to get rid of the background, which is kind of hard when your aperture is set to F1.2