Monthly Archives: February 2012


16 Feb, 2012  |  11:47AM

Sometimes when I cook, I wonder what the gas flame on my stove would look like as a picture. Sometimes when I don’t want to work on other things, I take pictures of the gas flame on my stove. Sometimes I post pictures that I take.


13 Feb, 2012  |  11:35PM

So today I was drafted. I signed up as a prospect a little over a week ago, and dribbble drafted me! I’m guessing that means they share in my affinity for anthropomorphic hot dogs, or maybe they also appreciate the finer things in life, like angler fish reading newspapers. Regardless, I’m very honored to have been selected by them. Look for my debut shot tomorrow! (my dribbble) P.S. If you don’t know what dribbble is, check it out here, it’s pretty cool.


02 Feb, 2012  |  11:12AM

I love Hokusai’s Great Wave, from his series Thirty-Six Views of Mount Fuji. I wanted to play around with DMesh, so I figured I would throw it in there and see what happened. Delaunay triangles are everywhere in design and illustration these days, and DMesh is a pretty easy way to mess around with it. Check it out, the regular, non pro version is free on the Mac App Store. Oh and I added some quick textures in Photoshop.