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17 Jan, 2012  |  5:05PM

A year or so ago, my dad sent me a link to Fstoppers, a website that specializes in behind the scenes videos of photo and video shoots. I started going there regularly, picking up ideas and techniques. We submitted the BTSV of The Chase to the contest, and they featured it on their site! We’re still waiting to find out which videos go to the judges to pick the winner, but I’m very excited to be featured on a blog that I frequent.

Check out their post here!

The Chase

06 Jan, 2012  |  11:05AM

I had the amazing opportunity to work with a really awesome team of people to realize a creative vision. You can see the finished panorama, read the whole story, watch a how we did it behind the scenes video, and check out other work by the team at the microsite.

Here’s the team, shortly after we did the location shoot, and slightly before we consumed a large amount of delicious Mexican food. From left to right: Justin Jang, me, Eric Herrmann, William Csete, Austin Kearsley, Julie Ann Thomazin, Kian Ameli. Special thanks to Jake Odening for helping us out with some filming, and to Zack Hemsey for letting us use his music for the BTS video.