Monthly Archives: September 2011

Holy new site design Batman!

22 Sep, 2011  |  6:56PM

In case you didn’t notice, my site design changed. I’ve been working really hard to finish it up, it only took me about three years. Thanks to Kris and Erica among others for their design input, and to Kyle, Justin, Ian, Kellan, Eric, Billy, and I’m sure others for their help and advice with the development process. I’m definitely not cut out to be a full time web developer, but I did have fun making the site. Stay tuned for more!!


08 Sep, 2011  |  9:53AM

Jake and I were up in Tahoe for an eshoot a while back, and we had some time to kill so we hiked up a big hill. It definitely wasn’t a mountain, but it was also really steep. We hiked up, talked about how steep it was, took some pictures, and then rushed back to eat our lunch and then meet up with the couple. Good times!