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CP Design Competition 2011

25 May, 2011  |  9:45AM

In case you didn’t know, I work at an awesome company called LEVEL, a Rosetta Company.

For the past few years, we’ve been putting on a design competition for students at Cal Poly SLO. We make a cool site, and give out some pretty legit prizes. The exciting thing about this year’s site is that several of our designers each contributed background artwork. After initially volunteering, I wasn’t sure if I would have the time to make one, but it actually worked out perfectly. I had done some brainstorming, and then told Katie my idea. While we were talking, she quickly sketched out the characters (which would have taken me forever), and I hit the ground running.

Special thanks to Craig Nanaumi for the sea floor background image, to Miguel Castro for some insightful art direction, to LEVEL for putting on the project, and of course to Katie for her contribution of skill, humor, and support (and proofreading!).

Here’s my background, you can see the full site here.


Random Visit to MDO

12 May, 2011  |  9:05AM

I’m slowly going through and color correcting and editing pictures that I took a while back. As I go along, I find that I’m way pickier now. Something that would have been blogged a year ago, I eliminate because it just isn’t good enough. Here’s a few of the pictures I took on a spontaneous visit to MDO. I think sometimes I take for granted how close I am to the beach…




Mini Photo Adventure

03 May, 2011  |  9:59AM

Usually photo adventures with Jake and Tommy involve a whole day, a lot of driving, and the consumption of good food and a pitcher of beer. This year it was rather impromptu, and involved Jake and I calling Tommy and asking him if he could be ready to leave by the time we drove the five minutes from my house to his house. We just went for a quick drive up to the top of the grade. It was fun going for a little off-roading adventure, and we ran around and took pictures until the light ran was running out. We might go on an extended photo adventure later in the year, but I’m glad we got in at least a quick trip during the spring. Stay tuned for a stitched panorama that I took at the end of the trip.