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Moonstone + Memories

19 Apr, 2011  |  11:05AM

I think there are two reasons I take pictures. Maybe some day I’ll amend that sentence, but I’m sticking with it, for now. I love capturing beauty. The beauty of God’s creation, and the buildings and designs that we’ve created with what He’s given us. That’s the first reason. Number two is to remember. Sometimes it’s to remember the things that are in the picture. Sometimes it’s to remember who was standing right next to you when you took it.


Photo Adventure with Tommy and Jake

12 Apr, 2011  |  9:22AM

I picked out a couple of pictures from Tommy, Jake, and my last photo adventure. You may remember that two years ago, we headed up the coast and ended up in Carmel (you can see pictures from that trip here). So last year (yeah these pictures are over a year old) we headed down the coast to Santa Barbara. It was kinda rainy, so most of my pictures didn’t turn out that well, but we had a good time, met up with a couple of friends and took a few pictures. Stay tuned for pictures from this¬† year’s mini-photo-adventure.




08 Apr, 2011  |  8:40AM

This picture was taken a while back in Concord. I was on my way to a friend’s house and parked (legally?) on the side of the road and snapped this. I like the picture, I didn’t get hit by a car while taking it, and here it is for you to enjoy. All’s well that ends well.


Will Work for Cupcakes

05 Apr, 2011  |  11:34AM

This shoot started out as just a favor for Narineh, but then I got a box of cupcakes at the end. Score!

Narineh did the dessert table for Lawren’s baby shower, and I have to say that her work tastes as delicious at it looks. Narineh went all out with four different kinds of cupcakes, Russian tea cakes, brownie bites on sticks, M&Ms (following the color palette of course), and saltwater taffy. She also custom designed and made signs to identify the myriad of desserts, and little flags for the cupcakes. Not pictured: The two-year-old that tried to convince us it was a good idea to let him eat a cupcake before the party started.