Monthly Archives: March 2011

Parker + Laura

29 Mar, 2011  |  2:43PM

Even when I’m not officially shooting a wedding, it’s still fun to do. Two amazing people who have been friends of mine for a long time got married last weekend, so I brought my camera along. The ceremony involved a little bit of rain, a lot of laughter, and some amazing details and moments that I will remember for a long time. Congratulations Parker and Laura, I love you both!!





My One Shot

15 Mar, 2011  |  2:13PM

Often when I go out to shoot pictures, I have a specific shot in mind. It’s usually at least a general, and often a specific idea in mind of what I want to get. Sometimes that’s the shot that I end up with, other times it’s not. These first two images are what I was going for when I went to Avila Beach a week or so ago. I was leaving work, there was still some light, and I decided to run home and grab my camera, and then head off to the beach in hopes of getting something like this:



I’m pretty happy with both of these shots, but the shot of the evening that I’m really happy with, I was not trying for in the slightest. This shot is why I’m happy I took the time to go to Avila after work.


Skyline Sketches

08 Mar, 2011  |  11:34AM

This is an awesome series of three ink and watercolor studies of city skylines, Copenhagen, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. The paintings are 6″x4″ and were inked and painted by Katie. I used a similar lighting setup to the pictures taken for Heavy Metal Letterpress. One speedlite pointed up on the left side, and another pointed across on the right, to pick up the texture. I love these, they combine a lot of things that I like, watercolor, strong ink lines, and cities. You can check out more of Katie’s work in her portfolio here.



Disc Golf — An Excuse to Take Pictures

04 Mar, 2011  |  10:08AM

One of the best things about living in San Luis Obispo is you’re never that far away from a beautiful landscape. These pictures are from a while back when Jake and I went disc golfing by Laguna Lake. I must say that I’m better at taking pictures than I am at throwing a weighted disc. If you give me a regular Ultimate disc and a running person to throw it to, I do all right, but disc golf is going to take some practice. In between throwing discs into trees, and missing the basket from four feet away, I snapped a couple of pictures. P.S. Disc golf is fun, and I’m actually not *that* bad.