Monthly Archives: September 2010

Fox Theater

30 Sep, 2010  |  3:00PM

Here are a couple pictures I took in Bakersfield, CA of the Fox Theater. I know nothing about this theater, except that it looks cool, and when you take pictures of it and there happens to be a guy in a lifted truck in front of it, he gets really excited. I liked the idea of split toning the picture to make it look more vintage, but with a brand new truck in it.




21 Sep, 2010  |  1:11PM

Lilly enjoys lounging by the pool, fine dining, sophisticated board games, and relaxing on the couch. Her favorite written word is “cat”, and her favorite spoken word is”meow”.



Things are Looking Up

03 Sep, 2010  |  1:08PM

I love the moments when I take my shot, and I look around, and people are looking at me, trying to figure out what I see. I love taking pictures of things in a way that isn’t the way everyone else would shoot it. And I love looking up. The first shot was taken at the Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, the second, at the Getty Center, also in Los Angeles.