Monthly Archives: June 2010

Graduation Picture – Katie

17 Jun, 2010  |  10:36AM

Katie is an extremely fun person. She wanted to do something a little bit different to send out with her thank you’s and this is what we came up with. Take it as a commentary on today’s economy, the difficulty of graduating with a B.Arch, a bit of playful fun, or however else you want to interpret it.


Photo published!

03 Jun, 2010  |  3:36PM

A while back I assisted on a wedding and subsequently had a picture published on The Sassy Bride. I’m pretty excited and thought I’d share. Here’s the pic I took, retouched by Jake Odening (the photographer I was assisting). Thanks to all involved, and congratulations again Natalie and Garret!


Lost Poster Contest Winners!

02 Jun, 2010  |  1:02PM

Had some trouble figuring out who to give these to. So much that I decided to give away more than I was originally going to! So congratulations to JH, Eric, and Justin! I emailed all the winners. Thanks to everyone who participated!