Monthly Archives: March 2010

Shot from above

19 Mar, 2010  |  7:37AM

For the first picture, imagine me in my hotel room, with a camera on a tripod, hoping that no one can see me because I look like a creeper. Oh well, I got a cool shot out of it. The other shots were taken from a Vista Point overlooking the bay. I got in my car on Monday evening and just decided to drive around aimlessly. I found myself with an amazing view, and I’m not entirely sure where I was. I think on highway 35? Anyway enjoy the pictures, I’m making the last one clickable because otherwise you wouldn’t be able to see it really at all. I don’t put watermarks on my pictures, if people steal them and claim them as their own, shame on them. These pictures were made possible by Tommy’s wonderful tripod lending skills. Thanks Tommy!