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16 Aug, 2009  |  10:02PM

Step 1. Take picture of self. I hate taking pictures of myself. It just feels weird. Especially at 11:30 at night on a pedestrian bridge over highway 280. Especially when there’s people walking by every once in a while on the bridge. But when there’s no one really else to shoot, sometimes it seems necessary. And no, I didn’t feel like asking random people walking across the bridge if I could take their picture…


Steve and Kate

07 Aug, 2009  |  8:13AM

Put together two amazing people, one cool pastor/bbq expert, and you’ve got a great start for an amazing wedding. Add in some family, friends, flowers, wine, bbq, an uncuttable cake, etc. etc., and you get a very memorable wedding (and an excuse to take pictures).





Spring Dance

05 Aug, 2009  |  10:55PM

So for those of you familiar with Cal Poly’s dance program, this is old news for you. But I still haven’t blogged it yet, so it’s here for your viewing. This was a fun project to work on, did a photoshoot with Eric, and then a bunch of photomanipulation and some type. Thanks so much to everyone that helped out with this project.