Monthly Archives: July 2009

Jack and Sarah

21 Jul, 2009  |  10:09PM

To continue on with my jack of all trades persona that I’ve been cultivating over the past 24ish years, I’ve picked up some wedding photography work on the side. I’ve started assisting Jake Odening in my free time (I like to pretend I have free time). Here are a few shots that I got two weekends ago at Jack and Sarah’s wedding. They were awesome, it was a lot of fun, and it was a great experience.




Memorial Park Picture

09 Jul, 2009  |  4:09PM

So I was just behind on color correcting and posting. Now I’m behind on shooting, color correcting, and posting. I had an awesome weekend filled with hanging out and food, and didn’t shoot or post anything.

I hung out with some friends at Memorial Park in Cupertino and shot this and a few other pictures. Playing with the new tilt shift, still trying to figure out how to get what I want out of it.



01 Jul, 2009  |  1:31PM

So I’m up here in the good ol’ bay area working at some sort of fruit company. I decided that since I’m up here in (relatively) unfamiliar territory, I would bring my camera and perhaps use it. So I’ve decided to see how long I can average a picture a day. Seeing as I decided this yesterday, I took two pictures, one for Monday and one for Tuesday. I need to get more equipment that will allow me to use my flash off camera, it’s frustrating trying to bounce it, and not get the results. I digress. Here are the pics.  

My room at the Cypress, well known around here for its leopard print robes.


The parking garage of a building adjacent to my hotel.