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26 Aug, 2008  |  5:12PM

Eric and I shot my friend’s guitar last night, so I thought I’d share a couple shots. These are both mine, Eric got some cool shots as well, but I’ll let him post his own stuff. These came out a little closer to the inspiration than I hoped, but it was a fun shoot nonetheless. I’ll try and be a bit more original next time.

Shot Number Eins


Shot Number Eins

Olympian Designer?

21 Aug, 2008  |  7:32AM

I was watching the Olympics last night, experiencing the awesomeness of May and Walsh dominating, and I thought about how amazing it is to watch people that at that level of competence. May and Walsh are the best in the world at women’s beach volleyball. It made me think about how cool it would be to attain that level of competence in something. Now I’m sure that I would never be that good at beach volleyball (especially women’s), but I think I’ll start at entry level design. Keep in mind that I know full well that I am definitely not the best at what I do, but doing my very best will be a good start.