Monthly Archives: June 2008

It’s flippin’ hot in here.

20 Jun, 2008  |  11:14PM

SLO hit 112 today. I’m back from a short break, working on Kristina Lucas’ website which should be up soon, and getting ready to start a new job with Web Associates. I’m quite excited, it should be an awesome experience. I’ll continue in my struggle of reworking projects and trying to post stuff as I go along.

Information Absorption…

07 Jun, 2008  |  12:54AM

…has reached it’s limit in Steven’s brain. Jacques Rossouw from Voicebox Creative came and spoke to us about everything, and I’m still trying to process about it all. A couple things that stood out to me:

1. If your motivation is your ego, you’re probably an idiot.

2. Emphasize your strategic solution to the design problem, “I like it” doesn’t cut it.

3. Design is what’s left when time and money run out. You can always fix things, or make it better, but at a certain point you have to call it good.

If you get a chance to listen to him speak, definitely make sure that you do. He is an extremely talented, articulate, intelligent speaker and I think everyone could learn a lot from him.

In other news, I won Best of Print in the Web Associates CP Design Competition. Thank you very much to Alex and everyone at Web Associates for putting on the competition. Special thanks to Amanda Wallace for her inspiration in my project that won, and congratulations to Neven, Tyson, Damon, Eric, and Jon for their excellent work.

It is now time for Steven to go to bed.

End of Classes

05 Jun, 2008  |  12:34PM

I just attended the last class of my undergraduate career. Pretty stoked about that, I’m already starting to chip away at the long list of things I’ve been wanting to work on, but haven’t had time for. First up is a photo retouching I did from the Bishop’s shoot a while back. The photo was taken by the amazing Jake Odening. We want to do the shoot again sometime, but be able to control the lighting a bit more. Quick shout-out to Katie who was an amazingly patient and talented model for this shoot.

Katie Climbing


01 Jun, 2008  |  10:44AM

So much stuff to post, so little time. I just got back from AIGA portfolio review in San Francisco. Things went pretty well, I haven’t slept much but that’s pretty normal for this time of the quarter. I still have to post stuff from our epic rock climbing shoot a week ago. It involved twelve people, 5.5 hours and over $15k of equipment. Expect more to come, but that’s all for now, just wanted to let my reader(s) know that I’m still alive. Two more weeks to graduation…