Monthly Archives: May 2008

Photo Shoot

21 May, 2008  |  9:43AM

Alright, way too long since my last post. Among other things I did a shoot with Jim for my editorial magazine project. It was a great time, taking cool pictures, scaring Bryan (Jim pretended to shoot him from ten feet), and all in the name of art! Here’s one shot from Monday.


sleep deprived

08 May, 2008  |  12:06AM

I don’t know why I’ve been so tired lately, but it’s interfering with my life. I haven’t had time to update with pictures or anything, but I figured I would at least give a text based status report. I am done with the identity, but waiting to see if it’s OK to show it to the world. I’m currently plugging away on my magazine design, which I’m behind on… In other (slightly old) news, the advertisements that I did at work are going to test, which is very exciting for me. I’m going on a retreat to Santa Cruz with Celebration, should be good times. More to follow.


04 May, 2008  |  3:46PM

This blog is the way to keep up with Steven Hasegawa, the expression of my creativity, and the evidence of my insanity. Welcome. I am currently working on an identity, a magazine, a book, a photo shoot, and three websites. As I get more into the swing of having a blog I will attempt to keep updated on these projects. Thanks and have a great day.