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29 Jan, 2016  |  8:39PM

This is from a while back while I was still teaching myself some C4D. Now that I don’t have access to that program anymore, I guess it’s time to learn Blender. For now, enjoy a shark that started out as a cube.



21 Oct, 2015  |  10:13AM

To celebrate a day that we thought we would get actual hoverboards, I created a virtual hoverboard in C4D. I decided to go for a technical line drawing feel. Still have a few more things to iron out, but it looks okay from this angle!



14 Sep, 2015  |  10:24AM

Back in high school I tried to get into 3D by making LEGO renderings in Bryce. I’ve currently been attempting to teach myself (with the help of YouTube) Cinema 4D, and I figured I should probably start with LEGO again. It’s been a lot of fun to play with a more powerful program, and to know a little more about photography and lighting than I did before. Here’s my first Cinema 4D model, I’ll post more as I finish and learn more.