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Pulling Screens and Baking Shirts

13 Feb, 2011  |  9:34PM

Just finished printing some shirts with Eric. If you’ve never printed shirts in a garage and cured them in an oven, you should go do that. Right now. Incredibly fun, albeit tiring. It took a little trial and error (note to future-self, 350 degrees for 95 seconds). Here’s the design that we printed—something Eric came up with a few years ago—based strongly on a concert poster by Josef Müller-Brockmann. Shirt printing was followed by the consumption of enormous burgers, and geeking out about Photoshop. All in all, a rather enjoyable afternoon and evening.

Check out a couple behind the scenes shots taken by Tomiko, and two of the finished shirts:



Miniature Donut Box

11 Feb, 2011  |  3:44PM

I’ve come to the realization that many decisions and problems that I face aren’t ones that your average person has to figure out. For instance, I was recently trying to decide in what manner to gift a single donut. I didn’t want to just give it in the little paper bag that single donuts come in, but I also didn’t want to have one donut floating around in a huge pink box. One has to give donuts in pink boxes, right?

So a plan entered my head; make a miniature donut box. Simple, right? I went to a local donut shop, asked the woman for a donut, and then, after she put it in the bag, I asked if I could have a box. She was confused as to why I wanted a box for a single donut, but I assured her that’s what I wanted. I purposefully asked her for the box after she had already put the donut in a bag, this kept my donut box pristine, and grease-free. Paid an extra quarter for the box, and I’m in business. After measuring the donut, I made the box .44 times the size of a regular box, which works out perfectly for cutting the box out. I bought another donut a few days later, to take pictures with, and then another donut for the actual gifting. I wrapped the donut in a couple pieces of overlapping parchment paper (per a suggestion from my friend Necia), tied it up with some cooking twine, and made a little tag to finish it off.

In case any of you reading this have a similar situation that you face, I’m including a pdf, so you can make your very own miniature donut box!

Special thanks to Necia for the parchment paper suggestion, to Ben for taking one for the team and consuming both the donut used for measuring, and the donut used for pictures, and to Katie for the inspiration for this project.