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The EPSON International Pano Awards — 2012 Major VR / 360 Winner!!

16 May, 2012  |  9:46AM

The Chase just won it all in the VR/360 category of the EPSON International Pano Awards! I’m pretty amazed. Thanks so much to Epson for putting the contest on, and doing all the legwork to get an awesome set of judges, and all the work they’ve been doing to verify eligibility and qualifications. And congratulations to Eric!! He rocks at everything he does.

Check out the awards site here!


17 Jan, 2012  |  5:05PM

A year or so ago, my dad sent me a link to Fstoppers, a website that specializes in behind the scenes videos of photo and video shoots. I started going there regularly, picking up ideas and techniques. We submitted the BTSV of The Chase to the contest, and they featured it on their site! We’re still waiting to find out which videos go to the judges to pick the winner, but I’m very excited to be featured on a blog that I frequent.

Check out their post here!

Holy new site design Batman!

22 Sep, 2011  |  6:56PM

In case you didn’t notice, my site design changed. I’ve been working really hard to finish it up, it only took me about three years. Thanks to Kris and Erica among others for their design input, and to Kyle, Justin, Ian, Kellan, Eric, Billy, and I’m sure others for their help and advice with the development process. I’m definitely not cut out to be a full time web developer, but I did have fun making the site. Stay tuned for more!!


25 Nov, 2010  |  9:52AM

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Thanksgiving is such a good excuse to be grateful for what we have. I’m going to attempt to eat in moderation, take pictures, and thank God for my blessings. I hope you all do the same. Oh, and here’s a random image that I made for a card:


Lost Poster Contest Winners!

02 Jun, 2010  |  1:02PM

Had some trouble figuring out who to give these to. So much that I decided to give away more than I was originally going to! So congratulations to JH, Eric, and Justin! I emailed all the winners. Thanks to everyone who participated!

Mario Syrah

30 Nov, 2008  |  11:37PM

So I have this friend that loves Mario and wine, but not necessarily in that order. I had the idea to make a Mario hat for a wine bottle. That progressed into what is pictured here, which involved some innovation, some time, and a lot of felt. Group effort by me and the roomies. Lots of fun, quite successful. Sorry about not posting in forever, things have been pretty crazy. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.


Olympian Designer?

21 Aug, 2008  |  7:32AM

I was watching the Olympics last night, experiencing the awesomeness of May and Walsh dominating, and I thought about how amazing it is to watch people that at that level of competence. May and Walsh are the best in the world at women’s beach volleyball. It made me think about how cool it would be to attain that level of competence in something. Now I’m sure that I would never be that good at beach volleyball (especially women’s), but I think I’ll start at entry level design. Keep in mind that I know full well that I am definitely not the best at what I do, but doing my very best will be a good start.

It’s flippin’ hot in here.

20 Jun, 2008  |  11:14PM

SLO hit 112 today. I’m back from a short break, working on Kristina Lucas’ website which should be up soon, and getting ready to start a new job with Web Associates. I’m quite excited, it should be an awesome experience. I’ll continue in my struggle of reworking projects and trying to post stuff as I go along.