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Cuesta Grade Jump

09 Aug, 2011  |  4:21PM

I have some amazing friends. I talked to a few guys about this shoot, and then the day before it happened I sent them messages “Hey would tomorrow work?” They dropped everything and we headed up to Cuesta Grade. We had a blast on this shoot, it was a lot of fun, even though I managed to get all the way up there without my camera. One more quick trip, a bunch of jumps, and some reflector magic from Jake. Thanks to Andy, Klay, and Jake for modeling!


Jack and Sarah

21 Jul, 2009  |  10:09PM

To continue on with my jack of all trades persona that I’ve been cultivating over the past 24ish years, I’ve picked up some wedding photography work on the side. I’ve started assisting Jake Odening in my free time (I like to pretend I have free time). Here are a few shots that I got two weekends ago at Jack and Sarah’s wedding. They were awesome, it was a lot of fun, and it was a great experience.





01 Jun, 2008  |  10:44AM

So much stuff to post, so little time. I just got back from AIGA portfolio review in San Francisco. Things went pretty well, I haven’t slept much but that’s pretty normal for this time of the quarter. I still have to post stuff from our epic rock climbing shoot a week ago. It involved twelve people, 5.5 hours and over $15k of equipment. Expect more to come, but that’s all for now, just wanted to let my reader(s) know that I’m still alive. Two more weeks to graduation…